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So this weekend I went back home.
So this weekend my roomate went to Washington, DC.
So this weekend I slept in my bed.
So this weekend my roomate slept in a van.
So this weekend I spent oh, 3 hours at the theater*.
So this weekend my roomate spent 2 hours handcuffed in the police van and 9 in jail.
So this weekend I ate good food and was happy and felt that I was "productive."
So my roomate was in DC in the protest and was interviewed and was on national televison.
So I WATCHED television.
So I listen to BBMAK.
So my roomate listens to better quality music.
Hehe, we both had a good weekend.
Hehe, this is what college is all about. I think she's pretty cool.

*Ok ok, so who would you choose...the New York guy or the Alabama guy?? They're both so sweet and Josh has the bluest eyes and Patrick has the cutest smile...
And oh you HAVE to go see Sweet Home Alabama. Yeah you do.
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