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We're going to kick some Sooner Behinds this Saturday...! (Yeah, I'm talking to YOU! ...btw are you going home on THU)? CHUA, B! Oh I recorded Changing Lanes even though you said u had seen it already. Movie channel kicks ass here. WAHAHA.
The Volleyball game was so much fun today, la! TASA kicks bootay. MIT, baby! Made in Taiwan! It was nice to see familiar faces there like Teresa's :) And Alan always looks like a business man talking on his cell. :)
Paradox was fun. Kerbey Lane was yummy. Nice and greasy omelete...Omelete this one slide. HAHA. KENT's AWESOME! And all the ladies, au au!!! It was all about the AC.
Felicity reruns on WE channel!!! Hahahaha!
Last day of being kicked out of your dorm, Emily!! Time to sterilize!
I WANT TO GO HOME this weekend, la!!
There was this girl with really thick ankles in the bathroom the other day. I thought it was a guy at first but then I heard the peeing sound and her feet were faced the right way. I was kinda scurred for a second there. And then I told my dad about how people in college dorms don't wash their hands after they went to the bathroom. He said, "gee, they REALLY should after they go pooing." I agreed. I think we need to sterilize the knobs.
I got Kung Pao chicken today! That'll last me two/three meals. I'm so good at conserving food now. :)
Hope Homecoming was fun this past weekend. PICTURES! AH! My junior boys and their suits! SO cute la!

Annoyance of the Day:
The entire lecture in bio today there were these 3 girls that would not stop talking! You have no idea how many versions of conversation I thought of:
Nice1: Is it ok if you whisper softly? (5 minutes into lecture)
Nice2: Hmm, sorry, but it's a little hard to hear when you guys are talking. (smile, 20 minutes into the lecture)
Nice-ish3: (just tapping pen to desk...nope still talking).
(Girl directly in front: "What did she say again?" Louise in her mind: If u hadnt been talking, idiot, then you would have heard!" half hr into lecture)
Not so Nice: Shut the F up B! (oooh). Naw I would never say that.
But I was just being nice and didn't ask them to shush...the girl sitting diagonally kept glaring at them but that one Asian girl right in front of me didn't even notice. She was too busy talking and doing that hand-thru-hair motion....pssh. I have nicer hair than her. Plus, you can tell from the very top of her head that she hadn't washed her hair that morning since it was a little oily. I know, I notice such hair care things. I have such low tolerance for annoyances. I'll just sit somewhere else tomorrow. ::sigh:: Chatting roosters.

I have to end on a better note. YEAH go Liz! First paycheck!
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