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Au Au

The Transporter was funny. "What happened between us was real." If that girl screamed one more time, Chris and I were going to slap her silly. For shame on Asian girls. :)
:) Shane, Jessica, Chris and Aaron! :) Front row was great.

Amy is the bestest. She even gave me gifts.

I got the postcard, Andro! (Smiling widely). Danke. :)!!!! Andrew is a stud.

Ok, so UT lost. Maybe next year. At least this weekend was fun. Mom cooked some bad ass food for me to bring back. Homecooking at UT, can't get any better than that.

And finally the greatest news of all: WE WON VOLLEYBALL!!!! I think it was the knee pads.
I love DU!!!! Corn dog! Chua! Dai Dai is a Biiitch!! Wahaha! Dat's wight! Um, Zu Zu found duh lettuh in Taipei Times and she pwinted it out and then she put it unduh huh favwites...dat's wight! Cow ears! And then Dai Dai go pet pet pet pet pet. And then when ZuZu go neigh neigh in the middle of the neight on duh bed, Du got off and then went to find Dai Dai and go Chua! Wude. And whenevuh Zu Zu go near Du um Du like tuhn awound and then Du goes tuhn awound! And then Zu Zu go you little turd and then Du goes Chua!
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