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Everything's Eventual

Hi kids. =)
Hope everyone had a relaxing break; I liked how things were really laid back this time. Got to do mostly everything I wanted. =) AL was cool as always. Too many Krisy Kremes, right, Ehlii?? Aiyo-weh! Gonna go watch CMIYC again tomorrow (wahaha). Finally saw The Two Towers yesterday...Man, if I saw that many Orcs, I'd kill myself first..they scare the shit out of me. Got to see the kids at school Tue and today =)! Charlene Titus and Alison were doing this weird slide/dance thing...even the special ed kids were lookin at us weird. Then saw my other Asian Mafia gal Heidi (whaaa, hand motion)....It's good to be out of high school. The Bachelorette and High School Reunion were good this week...reality shows! Steph, hope skiing was fun...our wannabe pics...LOL. Todai was good last to see Two Weeks notice that day too...BOBCAT..grr. Just writing REALLY randomly. Come flllly with me (humming the rest). Night Rider Theme Song. McGyver Theme Song. Those were my random song outbursts. Things are good now, kinda nice =) =) Hsu Ney Ney. LOL.

Patrick retired, aiyo. That made me sad. Tennis will never be the same w/o the Australian hotness.
Marat withdrew with an injury...oh no! What about the Aussie Open? (does the eyebrow thing).
Australian Open 13th!!!

Doo Wop. Nite kids.
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