Taipei Chica (taipeichica) wrote,
Taipei Chica

Poor Thing

Wow, my livejournal feels neglected. I kinda feel bad. Couple of more weeks till school starts...yipeeee and damn at the same time. AUG 25 = US Open. Just wanted to type in a few lines because I felt bad for my lj. maybe i shouldn't have even attempted to do so since this was done so half-assed-edly. ok.

i think federer won his match today. just can't bring myself to make him one of my favorite players. maybe he'll grow on me someday. when he gets a face job. i'm kidding. he's a cute one (in the dark). no he really is a nice guy.

gonna watch a real tennis match soon wooopeee.
things are good. wheeee. and wheeeeeee.
it's weird but matt said yesterday that i always seemed happy but i dont think that's the case. i guess i just do a good job not showing too much, but that could be a good/bad thing. we shall see. but at the moment, things are mostly wheee with a hint of hmm. ok. =)
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